Sexcon 8 – April 29th 2015

Hey Sexcon Fans,

Well.. we have a few new things to tell you about our little party here.

For starters, Castle is closed forever… if you have been living under a rock or something. We all will miss that fantastic building.

It will never be as fun as Sexcon @ That Castle of an Excalibur! So…


House Of Music & Entertainment. Great New Place. Huge & Beautiful.
1227 N. Rand Road in Arlington Heights. At Rand & Olive (stoplight) inside The Shopping Center. You will see House Of Music & Entertainment there…H.O.M.E. bar.


I am bringing in Natalia & Natasha Starr!! 2 Porn Star SISTERS and also they are PENTHOUSE PETS! They were both born in Poland and came here very young. 6 & 12 years old at the time, who knew they would grow up to be so beautiful, smart, funny, hot & entertaining! You will love to party & get to know these two gorgeous women.

Great LIVE MUSIC as usual… from DIRTY MF, THE REMEDY, SLEEZE, ENUFF Z’NUFF & lots more… Great DeeJays like DUSTIN SHERIDAN, BIPOLAR BEATZ, DJ E.L.I. & more.. Tons of strippers, great vendors and all of the things that ONLY SEXCON ARE!

Come out in your hottest, smallest, sexiest outfits & bikini’s to win $$$$ from me!

Get Tattooed from the best ever, Cesar Romero.. Body Painting by LEEKOVISION and Even get a chance to body paint a babe in CHOCOLATE & maybe even lick it off of her if you are good…

The Official After Party is at HEAVENLY BODIES right afterwards and on the following Friday Night, May 1st… I will be with The Starr Sisters at ALLURE in Stone Park for Our CONTINUATION OF SEXCON FUN!

I love all of you who come out to Sexcon. I AM ALSO BRINGING SEXCON TO HOLLYWOOD THIS YEAR!!! L.A. Deserves Sexcon Too!!   Stay Tuned For More.

See all of you at Sexcon on April 29th.. Always the last wednesday in April, we always kick-off the party season with Chicagoland’s Biggest One Night Party!


The April 24th Home Stretch . . .

Sexcon Attendees,

Well, here we are… about 1 week or so from the moment we have all been waiting for. Sexcon. Moment is NOT the correct word. Well…

MOMENTS. Yes. Thousands of moments, all happening in one unbelievable place and time. Sexcon at Castle!

This club will blow you away alone! But when I bring Pack & Hi Speed… Pistol Pete… John Hill… All great Chicago Musical Artists. DeeJays like Luis Amani, Andy Smith, Victor R & more… BDSM Crowds, Strippers, Male Revues, Vendors Glow Party…

Just Too Much To Handle? Not For The Party Animals In Chicago! I Fuckin Love Chicago!

Angelina Armani will be with us all night long along with Liliana, Anna, Mina, Chicago’s Princess and so many more… I CAN’T FUCKIN WAIT!!

Jamo All Night Long!! Please say hello and introduce yourself ! ! !


Hey Sexcon Fanatics . . .

Hey Sexcon Fanatics . . .

We are almost done programming the show and I want to say the venue is amazing and will surely surprise everyone on its new look and feel. I love it! We are having the finest in live entertainment all night and want to extend a welcome to everyone in the way of our cash prize contests… Bikini, Lingerie, Pole Dancing, Ass Shaker & Best Ink among others so be ready and dress to win!

Since you know we do our party on a Wednesday night so… TAKE THURSDAY the 25th OFF! Get this IN & OUT of your system the right way…PLAN THE NIGHT AND THE NEXT DAY OFF NOW!

I just got back from L.A. getting a few more surprises hammered out.

We are getting major interest from the industry as a whole so don’t be shocked when you see major people in the room. I also know a few Bulls and Bears who will be in attendance with us.

Wait til you see the new place inside. WE LOVE CASTLE! YOU WILL TOO! It’s the only place big enough and bad enough to do this party right. Did you know it’s the largest mega night club in 9 states! That’s just 1 reason why we will never leave CASTLE or Chicago.

Often Imitated…NEVER DUPLICATED! The Chicago Sexcon is the ONLY & ORIGINAL ALL ADULT EXPO & PARTY. No other copycat events will ever compare.

Stay SoBlown,

Sexcon 6 – April 24th 2013

Hey Sexcon Freaks,

Well as most of you should know… Sexcon 6 is only a few months away and we are busy starting to put the show together. This means that, for those of you who are smart enough to register with us on the bottom of the home page, you will be getting rewarded with advanced sale deeply discounted ticket offers and more.

I will be keeping you informed on who, what, where, when and how much… plus all of the porn stars and celeb’s that will be showing up to party with all of you, and me too.

I can only state that this has been a trying time for me and the show.

Many losers attempting to tell people that they own Sexcon, are Sexcon, own… that list goes on and on… You all know that I started Sexcon. I live Sexcon. I started, I live NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER BE EITHER. I love both like my babies.

I will never give them up or stop doing what I love. I hope you all will continue to support the best of Chicago’s COOL PEOPLE and GREAT BUSINESSES!! You’ll find all of the companies listed right here on this site. Companies like SMK After Dark. The best webmaster / website design firm anywhere.

Please tell all of your friends, post it on your twitter, facebook,

google+ and more that…


April 24th, 2013 

Best Regards,
Larry Goone

I was SoBlown !

Well Guys,

It’s been a week since our little party and it seems that no one can stop talking about it! I was SoBlown!

Sexcon 2012 was a success and it’s all because we worked our asses off and you all partied your asses off!

From all the new and repeat vendors to the excitement level of all the live stage performers and all of the electricity of the attendees…

It was monumental. Thank you all, really, Thank you all. There is no other party like Sexcon anywhere else on the planet!

If you had fun, if you want to comment, if you have pictures or video… We want to see it and post it here!

It was an interesting mix of beautiful, freaky sexy party monster porn star loving stripper praising sexiness… All in one place at one time.

Thank you to all of the help, vendors, performers, behind the scenes people, media and all of you who love the Chicago Sexcon.

I know it will be hard to beat, but next year… OMG! …Don’t forget to sign up on our email list on the home page for updates and you 1st option to get your discount tickets 1st!

We offer way early, totally discounted tickets to those who register. It’s safe, secure and never shared.

As long as the Mayans are wrong… The next Chicago Sexcon is scheduled for Wednesday night, April 24th – 2013. 

Please stay cool, Sexcon-ites… Stay Cool.

One simple question for all of you…Does Chicago & do it right or what?


I Love This City

1st off… I am completely WASTED! I have been out every night for the past 11 weeks! Have you seen me? Have I seen you?

I do The Chicago Sexcon because I love this city and all of you bad ass people who know how to treat people. Are you aware that tons of folks are coming in from around the country?

Here! To Chicago! Lets all make sure that the 5th annual Sexcon is the best party yet! We will be partying until the sun rises. Make sure you all live it to the limit. Especially at Sexcon!

This will be the final blog before the show…


I will be talking to the aliens to make sure everyone is on point. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and valuable space. Party like it’s the last Sexcon ever.

I hope to see you on the 25th!

Larry Goone
Sexcon Master of Cerimonies

ps: Don’t forget your Sexcon cell phone poster pics

Live music, bikini fashion shows, toys, chicks, dudes, supplies of all kinds, freaks and more.

Lucky Sexcon 5 Attendees…

Time is running out and so are the tickets!!

We are trying to get everyone in, but if you remember from 2010…

There may not be enough tickets for everyone!! I am sorry.

We already raised the price to $30 (still a great deal) but we ARE RUNNING OUT OF TICKETS! Excalibur & Vision can only handle so many of us and we are running out of tickets too fast!

If you don’t get them now, they may be sold out in a week! We may raise the price to slow the demand or keep people able to buy them, Why pay more? Why risk the potential SELL-OUT!?

Live music, bikini fashion shows, toys, chicks, dudes, supplies of all kinds, freaks and more…?

Kids, this may be the last chance for you to attend Chicago’s Biggest One Night Party out until next year…2013… If we make it…

Party With The Best…. all night long – aand I do mean L O N G!


Sexcon Update

Hello Sexcon 5 attendees,

Well as the show gets closer, we are working on making this the most
entertaining party yet. Besides me hosting, we will also have Tony Batman, Chicago’s Princess & Brooklyn Jade helping me on stage. We already have a few live musical acts like Pistol Pete . . . legendary Chicago musical great performing twice!

Well over half of the exhibiting companies are brand new to Sexcon and
that means lots of new products and services to learn about! Besides
the Chicago standards in Gentlemen’s clubs, Wisconsin has entered with
a few surrounding states to offer Chicago a slice of new girls to see
and do… With 3 live stages all night and Club O in the Lair, you will have to see it all to believe it. Hey… I tried to tell you that the price for tickets is going up and it is! As of April 1st, they will only be $30 (that’s just $5 more) but that also may go up…


Clothing, make-up and shoes… Toys, mistresses and booze… Live music, fashion shows and strippers… Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll is REAL! …ONLY once a year! …Only right HERE!

Don’t be left out of Chicago’s Biggest One Night Party!… You will
never forgive yourself for missing it! The Myans just may be right…
If they are… This will be the last Sexcon EVER!

See you at the 5th annual Chicago Sexcon, kids.


What’s Up Sexy ?

The Chicago Sexcon only happens once a year and it’s coming up fast. Chicago’s largest one night “Adult Exposition” party featuring over 100 local adult businesses and adult performers under one roof.

Discounted ticket prices of $25 ends soon. Tickets go up to $30 on April 1st.